UPF Sun Protection & EIS

Now You Can Wear Your Sun Care

We get a lot of questions about what "UPF" means, and just how our sun shirts protect from the sun.

The Advantages of Wearing Sun Shirts... Not Just Sunscreen

Today more and more adults and children are manifesting irritable skin and allergic reactions to skin care products, including sunscreen. This creates a real dilemma because sun protection is important as ever, with more research showing the potential risks of excessive UV exposure.

Sun shirts are the perfect alternative to slathering greasy SPF lotion on your shoulders, chest, and arms. Thanks to our tech fabrics, you get amazing protection when wearing our Cool Shirts ®.

Tip: The sun doesn't take a break in the winter, and neither do our shirts - our Cold Weather Shirts also feature UPF tech woven right in.

What does UPF mean?
UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor, and it's the rating used to measure the level of sun protection clothing gives you. While different, it is similar to SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, which is used to rate sunscreens and skin care products.

How does EIS ® add UPF to Cool Shirts ®?
Some companies spray UPF coatings onto their fabrics, but not EIS. Our Cool Shirt ® fibers have the UPF technology woven in. This means you don't have worry about the sun protection washing out with use.
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