EIS Mens White Solid Long Sleeve COOL Sun Shirt ®

$40 $96

*All Sales Final*

Our EIS ® original – the long sleeve COOL Shirt ® has now been reimagined for Men. Classic summer white gives the dressiest look, perfect for riding in shows or just stopping by the country club for dinner.

Our IceFil tech fabric has a UPF 50+ rating, protecting you from aging UV rays. But that’s not all. It has cooling technology actually woven into the fabric to lower your body temperature by as much as 5 degrees.

Not only that, but it’s fast-drying and anti-odor.

Yep. All that in one shirt. Oh, and it looks good too, with its classic button-down placket, shoulder panels, and comfortable push-up-your-sleeves cuffs. It’s a favorite for equestrian shows, but also client meetings, dinners, and the annual office golf tournament.

Fit is classic – neither fitted, nor too boxy.

  • UPF 50
  • Fast-drying
  • Anti-odor fabric
  • No-mesh design
  • Fits true to size 
  • Easy care (and no, you won't lose the COOL Shirt ® features when you wash it – they’re woven right in, not just sprayed on)


Optional Tie Stay :

• Order your COOL Shirt and be instantly show-ready with our included tie stay.(Please allow 7-10 additional days to delivery time for Tie Stay option)

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